5 Cold Emailing Rules for Sales Beginners

If you are a Sales Professional who is beginning with his Sales career, then this post is definitely meant for you. If you sell to high technology B2B customers, then chances are there that your organization would be using Cold Emails as one of the channels for Sales Prospecting.

You might have started Cold Emailing already, but very soon you would realize that your mails are not getting any reply...

Have you started getting this problem already?

Don't Worry! This problem is very common among the sales beginners.

What you need to do is, Before you go for your next Cold Email, follow a simple set of 5 rules given in the slides embedded below.

I believe every beginner sales professional should know these simple rules which can significantly impact the effectiveness of your cold emails and would improve your Cold-Email RoI which is technically No. of reply you get from your prospects divided by the number of cold emails sent.

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