Different User Roles and their permissions in ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

ToolsonCloud Sales CRM allows the Sales Organizations to use the CRM App with two roles. 

  1. Regular User
  2. Admin User

1. Regular User

As the name suggest, this role is allotted to the regular users in the Sales Organization like Sales Reps, Sales Executives. 

Permissions: This user has read and write permission for all Deals, People Contacts and Organization Contact listings inside your CRM workspace.

2. Admin User

As the name suggest, this role is given for Administrative privileges of the Company's CRM account in Toolsoncloud. Typically it is suited for team member playing the role of Sales Manager, or Administrator who can take additional responsibility of managing the company account on Finance & Operations related activities.

Permissions: In additional to all the permissions which a regular user has, for Deals, People Contacts, Organization Contacts; this role entitles the user with permissions to add or remove team members from the account, activating or deactivate the account of a user for short term to save billing cost, managing payments and billing for the renewal fees of the account, add or modify a sales Pipeline, add or modify the workflow stages of any sales Pipeline, etc.


Would you want to have more customization on the roles being offered? Let us know your use cases so that we can make #toolsoncloud work for you.

Haven't tried toolsoncloud yet? Try now, it's free! 

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