Sales tracking for Freelancers using Free Sales CRM

Being a freelancer is not an easy job. In Freelancing, you are the Chief Operating officer, you are the Chief Marketing officer and you are also the Chief Finance Officer of your Business. If you are a freelancer and are looking for ways to organize your sales tracking process, then read on...

Becoming successful in Freelancing requires you to use the right set of tools so that you can focus more on the important tasks than spending precious time in data entry and sales tracking activities. But the fact is, to keep going, you need to make sales and to keep doing sales, you need to track your sales deal pipeline regularly and do active follow-ups to keep having a steady sales pipeline and revenue stream. 

With too much on your plate, it's tough to do all without going mad and experiencing burnout!

This requires that you use the right set of tools for organizing your sales process and automating the tracking processes around it instead of scrambling through your countless emails and excel files.

Why CRM is better compared to tracking in Email?

  • Emails are not organized, it never gives you a clear picture of a story with your client...
    • The kind of conversation you had with him, 
    • Sales analytics such as how long the deal is being open and 
    • What is the average time needed for closing that deal, 
    • When do you need to follow up next, etc.
For all those things, you definitely need something more than Emails. That's where ToolsonCloud Sales CRM comes into play and helps you organize your Sales so that get a clear sight of what is the action you need to do next instead of scrambling through emails and trying to figure out what is required to be done.

Why CRM is better compared to tracking in Excel?

You can definitely use Excel for simple sales tracking with a small amount of data. But as and when you gain more and more data, you will start feeling the real pain with excel files. 

  • Over time you will accumulate different types of information in a lot of tables and worksheet which will become overwhelming to understand.
  • Spreadsheets cannot help you figure out the relationships between various customer information such as deals, leads, tasks to be done, stakeholders in those deals, key contact person in the organization, history of the organization, etc.

Opportunity Cost of not using a good CRM

  • If you spend even 1 hour a day trying to do data entry in excel and then another 1 hr trying to do joins, combining tables, and trying to make pivot tables and charts on it, you will realize you are losing your 2 hrs every day. You may estimate the potential opportunity cost of that by Multiplying the hours with your Hourly Bill rate of the work you charge to your Clients. 
Imagine the amount of potential loss which you incur if you do not use the right set of tools to do the time-consuming tasks for you.

Hope this help you take right decision on the pros and cons of manual sales tracking vs CRM-based Sales tracking. 

ToolsonCloud Sales CRM for Freelancers

  • ToolsonCloud CRM helps freelancers organize their sales process from lead capture to deal closure.
  • They can easily store their leads, nurture them over time using emails directly within the CRM, qualify the leads to deals, track deals to closure, track sales activities such as follow-ups, reminders, To Do, Meetings, etc. 
  • They can store their Client's contact information and the organization's contact information at one place. Over time this data will accumulate and will give a timeline-based single-page view of all your interaction with that organization and the client.
  • It allows you to customize the deal flow stages as per your sales process
  • You can also create multiple deal pipelines if you are managing deals from different categories. E.g. you may want one pipeline for Content Writing deals while another pipeline for Graphic Designing deals for better segregation.
  • It comes with a completely Free Plan for Freelancers.

Do check out ToolsOnCloud Sales CRM for your sales tracking needs as a freelancer. You can sign up and get started instantly for Free.

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