Ultimate Cold Emailing Tips for Sales Beginners

If you are a Sales Professional who is interested in leveraging the power of Cold Emails, then this post is meant for you. If you sell to B2B clients, then chances are there that your organization would be using Cold Emails as one of the channels for Sales Prospecting.

You might have started Cold Emailing already, but very soon you would realize that your mails are not getting any reply. Have you started getting this problem already?

Don't Worry! This problem is very common among the sales beginners.

What you need to do is, Before you go for your next Cold Email, follow a simple set of 5 rules given in the slides embedded below.

I believe every beginner sales professional should know these simple rules which can significantly impact the effectiveness of your cold emails and would improve your Cold-Email RoI which is technically No. of reply you get from your prospects divided by the number of cold emails sent.

Rule 1: KISS

  2. Literally every product or service on Earth can be described in 2-3 sentences. If you cannot, then you must work on refining your product description.
  3. Nobody reads a full Email from an unknown sender.

Rule 2: Personalize, Personalize & Personalize

  1. Always Research your prospect and send a personalized mail instead of sending a mass BCC mail listing down all the features of your product.
  2. Remember you are sending an Introductory Email, not a Catalog.
  3. Try finding out some commonality between you and your prospect in order to gain his attention. It helps in building a rapport.

Rule 3: Organize your Content

Researchers on Business Writing suggest:
  1. A Paragraph should be restricted to 6 Lines.
  2. One Paragraph should not be used for describing more than One Thought.
  3. Every sentence should be limited to 15-20 Worlds.

Rule 4: Add VALUE

  1. Your objective in Sales is to Develop Relationships
  2. You can develop relationship with your prospect only when you add VALUE to them.
  3. Best way is to provide them some Insights or Tips which would help them in their business.
  4. Provide them researched insights about their Industry or the market in which they operate

Rule 5: Include Call to Action (CTA)
  1. What do you want the prospect to do after reading your email?
    • Call you Back?
    • Reply to your Email?
    • Schedule a Demo/Meeting?
    • Download a Report/CaseStudy?
    • Directly go to your website and Buy something?
  2. Best Practice is to include only 1 Call to Action rather than many.
  3. More Options you give on CTA, more will you confuse them.

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