Attention Grabbing Advertising - Huawei Style

With so many similar products down in the market, it's difficult for Sales and Marketing Managers to grab customer's attention. Time demands innovative and attention-grabbing advertising approaches to get a share of customer's attention.

One such strategy can be learned from Huawei where it bumped in front of Apple store in Singapore and created an everlasting memory in the minds of the people there and everywhere in the world because of the news going viral.

While Apple fans were waiting for buying the new iPhone XS and XS Max outside an Apple store in Singapore, Huawei showed up at the spot distributing freebies. It was obvious that Huawei could not have converted customers thereby giving sales pitches for their phones to the hardcore Apple fans out there. Instead, it made an impact in a different way by distributing free power banks and energy-boosting drinks to the Apple fans in the queue.

With this news spreading out like a fire, Huawei did grab a share of its prospective customer's attention.

Hope you would also try out some of these advertising techniques but beware not to insult any competitor by doing so. This is because your organization should not appear as an organization that doesn't follow business competition ethics. This is important since customers nowadays are more educated than in earlier days and expect to buy only from companies that have positive imagery in the minds of the consumers.
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