Partner Program - How to earn by referring CRM software

With the successful launch of Toolsoncloud Sales CRM platform, we are introducing our Partner and Referral program. Here are the key highlights of our Partner program. 

If you an individual or a self employed CRM consultant or a IT consulting service provider whose customer is looking for a Sales CRM software, you may refer them to Toolsoncloud CRM. On successful sign-up, when the customer purchases the software licenses/seats, you shall get a fixed percentage commission on the purchase value.

ToolsonCloud CRM Partners program!

How you can you join our partner program and refer customers:
  1. Everyone is eligible to become our Partner irrespective of whether they are our customer or not. 
  2. Contact us to join our Partner program.
  3. We shall reach out to you with more information on the program and for further discussion to understand you better in order to align our common goals.
  4. You shall receive the required sales & marketing collaterals to help enable you with required sales information about Toolsoncloud Sales CRM offering. The collaterals are updated regularly based on Partner & Customer feedbacks.
  5. On every successful customer referral, when the customer registers and makes a payment of subscription fees, you shall get a decent industry standard referral commission as a percentage of the purchase.

How can you find the opportunity for referral:
  1. If you are a CRM Consultant or an IT consulting firm, you may encounter businesses who are looking to solve their sales and marketing problems, where you may find Toolsoncloud CRM having the capability to add value. 
  2. Many a times, Businesses whose core business is not related to IT may sometime find it difficult to understand terms around Cloud, CRM, etc, and they might need your expertise to help them assess the best offerings in the market and weave around a solution which solves their problem effectively. If Toolsoncloud CRM can solve their problem, please feel free to refer our platform.
  3. Many a times, CRM consultants go for training the sales staff on CRM strategy or benefits and get queries from the trainees to suggest them a CRM for some handson learning. In that case, please feel free to refer the trainees to Toolsoncloud CRM which is free for single users. Sometimes, the users also pays for the full subscription when they are satisfied by the software and would like to induct it for their whole sales team. In that case, you may earn decent share of your referral commission.

If you have any questions related to our partner program, Please feel free to reach out to us.
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