SPIN Selling method to accelerate your Sales towards Closure

If you have been doing B2B Sales, then SPIN selling must be a familiar term for you. If it is not, then its high time you adopt SPIN selling methodology within your sales process.

What is SPIN Selling?

SPIN Selling is a sales methodology practiced globally by many major corporates for their Enterprise Sales. This methodology comes from the infamous book titled "SPIN Selling" by Neil Rackham which was developed from the studies done over 35,000 Sales calls over many years.
SPIN methodology basically focuses on the art of asking questions to the prospective client in order to discover his needs and to speed up the sales process. It helps the buyer in self realization of his existing problem and helps him appreciate the benefits of the solution all himself.

SPIN Selling Book's Cover Page

SPIN is the abbreviation of:
  1. S - Situation Questions
  2. P - Problem Questions
  3. I - Implication Questions
  4. N - Need Payoff Questions

Let me explain each of these types of Questions by taking an example.

Example Case:

Let us suppose, you are a Sales person selling Security Solutions say Anti-virus for an Enterprise Client.

SITUATION Questions:

As the name suggests, the purpose of asking Situation questions to the client is to understand their current state or situation. This helps us in getting background information on the Client so that future questions can be based on these situations.

  • What are some of the major Goals of your Organization?
  • How is your IT Department doing?
  • Who is your current IT Security Solution provider or Vendor?

PROBLEM Questions:

Problem question helps us discover the problems currently faced by the client. Most importantly, by asking such questions, it helps the client to discover his problems himself which he might not be aware earlier or might be unconscious of the existing problem.

  • What are the major issues faced by your IT department?
  • How happy are you with your current Security systems?
  • What are the challenges faced by your IT team in ensuring data security?


Implication questions helps the client discover or self-realize the potential impact of the problems discovered by him in the previous "Problem Questions" stage. It helps the customer realize that the problems which exist must be solved at some stage because of its potential implication on their business or organization.

  • How big would be an impact, if your data gets compromised out of your IT systems?
  • How would an IT security breach or data loss might impact the morale of your employees?
  • How would a theft or leakage of sensitive customer data from your IT system might impact your relationship and brand image among your customers?

NEED PAYOFF Questions:

Need Payoff questions helps the client to realize the value of the solution to their serious problem. After discovering the implications, the client is well aware of the seriousness of the problem and are keen to solve their problem. With Need Payoff questions, the client would start appreciating the value of the solution being offered by the sales person.

  • How about a Level 3 Security Solution for your organization which can ensure an End-to-End security and data protection for your organization?
  • How would a highly secure IT system boost your employee morale?
  • How would a IT Security system of highest industry standard strengthen your relationship among your customers?

These questions would help you discover the client's need better and would help the client self discover and self appreciate your product's value in order for you to accelerate your sales process.

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