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Dear Readers,  After a wonderful response on my last two post on various sales tracking excel templates, In this post I would like to share with you another excel template for Free. This template helps you track various sales activities or tasks which you would most probably have if you are following a well organized Sales process in your organization.

Before we jump into it, if you haven't checked our previous two excel templates, Go check them out:

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Now let's get started with Sales Activity Tracking Sheet.

What is a Sales Activity Tracker?

Sales Activities are nothing but the upcoming tasks or activities which you would have planned or is required to be done in order the move the deal or a lead to next steps towards closure. As the name indicates a Sales Activity Tracker lets you organize all of your activities at one single place and lets you track them to closure without you missing out on any important task.

Tracking every sales activity helps you move your deals further. You justt have to ensure 3 things to make the best use out of this tracking sheet:

  1. Never allow any lead or deal to lie stagnant without any corresponding activity in your tracker.
  2. Ensure none of the activity in your activity tracker is over due.
If you follow these 2 process as part of your activity tracking, It will ensure you complete every task required to seal the deal.

Download Template

You can download your Free Excel template for Sales Activity Tracking from the below dropbox link. You will be directed to Dropbox from where you you can save it in your desktop by clicking on download in the sidebars.

[Download Link]

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Explanation of the Terms

Before you start using the template. Let me give a quick introduction of the columns present in the template:

  • Activity or Task: Enter the name of the sales activity associated with any lead or deal. As an example, it can be titled as 
    1. "Reminder to prepare a sales presentation", 
    2. "Prepare a Quotation"
    3. "Discussion over lunch with Jose", etc.
  • Type: You can use this column to enter the category of task. It can be a ToDo, reminder, task or any other type as per your business process. This field appears to be an optional one, But can come handy if your excel is filed with a lot of activities and you need to quickly filter out certain activities of one type.
  • Priority: You can enter the priority of the activities such as "High", "Medium", "Low" or you can write it as Priority 1, Priority 2 and so on as per your convenience. This column can help you identify the most important tasks so that you can focus on them first.
  • Status: This denotes the current status of the work, whether it is yet to be started, in progress or completed. Instead of deleting the completed tasks, it is advised to mark it with Closed or Completed status, so that you can maintain a history of past activities to trace things or to deep dive on what went wrong or what went good.
  • Due Date: Enter the date and time by which you are required to complete the activity. You have to ensure that you are never overdue on any of the activity against the due date to ensure you are on track to close the deal.
  • Assigned to: When you have multiple team members in your sales team, you will be required to assign the specific task to a person so that every activity is owned by someone and is driven towards closure. A task without an owner is always left untouched and is missed out since most of the users will first filter the sheet with their own name.
  • Created By and Date created field are just placed as meta columns. It helps people reach out to the creator of that task in case they have doubts or need more information on the the line item.

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I hope you liked reading this post. Do share your love and feedback in the comments. 

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