How to generate leads from Twitter organically?

Did you know, Twitter averages around 330 Million monthly active users. This puts Twitter as one of the largest social media marketing platforms for marketers. If you are not actively leveraging Twitter for lead generation for your business, then you should definitely gun for it.

Building a community around your business is one of the surest and fastest ways to grow your business. A well engaged community always puts you ahead with lesser marketing expenditure from end. 

In this post, let us explore the steps you need to take in order to grow an audience on twitter and leverage it to grow your business.

1. Build a compelling profile page

Your profile page is like a landing page of your business on Twitter. So you need to work towards building a compelling profile page. Ensure you use the appropriate Name of the account and the twitter handle. Your audience should be able to easily associate it with your business. Use a well designed and distinctive Logo. This way your audience will be able to form a brand imagery associated with that logo over a period of time. 

Your twitter profile page is nothing less than a landing page. So make sure your bio explains about your brand or product to your audience in one shot and can create an interest among them to discover more. Keep it easy to read and simple. Often the simpler messaging always wins.

Ensure to keep a landing page link on the website field of your twitter bio so that the interested visitors can click on that link to discover more about your products and services.

2. Build a Brand and credibility

Next, in order to build a followers base around your brand, you need to feed your audience with good content. Try to publish a good tweet every single day. The tweets can be about the industry you work in, the problem you are trying to solve, the benefits around the things which you are building or some trending topics in your industry.

Important thing to keep in mind is to avoid posting too promotional or salesy content on a regular basis. Most of the twitter users are there to discover new things which can help them in some or the other way, say improve their living or improve their business. But none of them would like regular promotional posts from an account. Hence try to tweet informative and useful posts which benefits your audience rather than trying to be too salesy.

The aim of social media marketing is to build a relationship. Great relationships are built on top of credibility. If you try to be too spammy, you stand the risk of losing your credibility and hence your brand image.

3. Go the extra mile and build a relationship

As I said, your goal should be to build a relationship. You can build this relationship by going the extra mile. One of the ways to build an effective relationship can be to send a thank you note whenever someone follows you. Well many of them would not have their twitter DM open, but still you may find a few where DMs are open. If you get a response from those DMs, you can use that opportunity to engage with them in a useful and relationship building conversation without trying to be salesy in the beginning.

4. Keep your DMs (Direct Message) open

You may face instances of people visiting your profile and would like to have a chat with you on DM before making a purchase intent on your website. Hence it is advisable to keep your DM open. This can be a good source of gathering HOT leads from Twitter.

5. Engage in Twitter threads

When you are trying to build your audience, one of your goals is getting discovered. The only way people can discover you is if your content or tweets show up on their feeds. If you check Twitter analytics, the metric “Reach” gives a measurable representation of your tweet views. To increase your reach, you should try to engage in conversation with others. You may try to engage with Influencers, Journalists or Leaders in your area. This is an easy way to get discovered since the tweets of high follower accounts tend to have high reach which can boost up your chances of getting discovered.

Things to keep in mind is that you should engage in meaningful conversation on the threads instead of putting spammy and repetitive comments. Remember you will get an audience when they find your comment to be interesting rather than an obvious comment.  Smart twitter users can easily differentiate between a promotional tweet or a genuine response.

6. Run Giveaways

To create awareness of your products and your brand, you may try to run promotional giveaways. One of the ways is to run a giveaway of an ebook or your product prompting your audience to comment their thoughts or answer a question being asked or retweet the thread. This shall help you gain more reach and engagement on your thread, which in turn shall bring in more followers.

Remember, not to overdo the giveaways. Not every audience may be able to benefit from a giveaway. Overdoing giveaways may demotivate some of your genuine followers and you stand the risk of losing the connection with your genuine followers.

I hope you will benefit from this post. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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