Top 3 Small Business side hustle ideas which can be done remotely

During the past couple of years, Covid pandemic resulted in a large number of people working remotely. This led to a number of people starting a side hustle alongside their regular job as an additional source of income. Side hustles in the form of small businesses not only provide an additional source of income but also help you get freedom and financial stability considering the uncertain worldwide economic scenario.

Here are some trending Small Businesses which you can start as a side hustle and can later convert to a full time business.

  1. Copywriting service

Copywriting is one of the skills which you can pickup without the need for any technical skills provided you have a strong command of the English language or the language you prefer to write in. In order to polish your copywriting skills you will also need a bit of marketing knowledge in order to write things which can entice readers. Once you start writing, you can surely gain those skills over a period of time. Follow some fellow Copy Writers in your niche who share tips and resources to upskill you as a copywriter. 

Once you gain credibility among your clients, you will surely land up more via referrals. Overtime, you can turn from a copywriting freelancer to a full fledged agency specialising in this niche.

  1. Digital Marketing Consulting

If you have experience or interest towards digital marketing, you can quickly get started providing digital marketing services to fellow small businesses. You may start with one particular niche based on your interest say healthcare, retail, real-estate, etc, and can vertically expand in the same industry by acquiring more clients.

To start with, you can start providing services such as Social Media Marketing services which may include tasks such as creating and scheduling social media posts for client's business pages, sharing the posts on groups to increase reach and followers, etc.

Then you can move on to a more advanced Performance marketing niche involving works on creating and managing the paid ads on social media platforms and search engines. This is a highly paid niche yet requires a bit of experience in order to provide reasonable ROI to clients.

  1. Website Development services.

If you come with a software development and programming background, then web development would surely be something which may interest you. In the age of digital, every business is striving hard to improve their online presence and hence there are a lot of website development opportunities. 

Though static website development work would be a one time affair, but if you are able to land up clients having dynamic websites such as ecommerce or CMS websites, then you can get a consistent flow of revenue in the form of website maintenance and new feature development on the website. Most of the website development services business is centred around WordPress and Magento based web development which can make it even more easier. 

Some of the additional skills which you may need is a bit of design skills which you can pickup if you start using design tools and try to take inspiration from various UI designs at Dribble.

Over time this can surely turn into a full fledged agency business earning you a handsome income.

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know your thoughts.

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