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Thank you for coming to this page. On behalf of ToolsonCloud team, I would like to extend warm greetings & would like to welcome you to ToolsOnCloud Blog.

A little about us,

ToolsonCloud is a cloud based Sales CRM for fast growth sales team. We always believed Sales can solve every problem of the world. There are many challenges existing in the world but the new entrepreneurial ecosystem has brought many innovational startups who are striving hard to solve the day to day challenges of our society. 

If Startups and SMBs can sell well, they will survive, thrive and continue to grow the ecosystem and will help make the world a better place to live.

To enable startups to sell more, we decided to create ToolsonCloud Sales CRM to equip startups and SMBs with the right tools and industry-standard best process they need to succeed in taking their products and services to the end customer and sell better.   

About this Blog:

Apart from the tools we create, we felt there are a plethora of ways we can connect with you all and contribute to the startups and SMBs community by sharing our knowledge and our thoughts.

This blog is a medium for us to connect with you and hear from you.

We want to make the lives of Sales and Marketing easier for everyone who wants to sell or want to learn how to sell.

What next?

In the days to come, we are gonna write about sales and marketing practices from around the world, our journey, and would also share some cool tips and tricks to make the best out of ToolsonCloud Sales CRM software.

Apart from blogs, we also keep sharing some cool stuff, sales and marketing learning resources and freebies from time to time on our social media channels. 

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Have a nice time! Cheers!
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