How to give a Perfect Sales Demo?

Giving a perfect sales demo always helps you close deals quickly and shorten your sales cycle. But often many Entrepreneurs and Sales teams struggle to give a perfect sales demo to seal the deal. 

In this post, we shall explore some handy tips to help you give a perfect sales demo every single time.

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1. Research about the prospect

Sales demo is yet another form of a meeting. To make best use of the meeting, you should do your homework right. Before the meeting, try to spend some time researching your prospect and understand the context. Try to learn more about the company where the prospect works, the industry in which they work, the types of customers they have, their business, their long term and short term goals, their pain points and how your solution is going to help them.

2. Inform the agenda of the demo beforehand

While scheduling a demo, always ensure to inform the agenda and give a brief outline of what you plan to cover during the course of the meeting. Having a pre-planned agenda helps you to avoid any surprise questions during the course of the demo and the prospect would have come prepared. 

Some demos tend to be detailed while some tend to be very short depending upon the solution you are trying to sell. When prospects are aware of the expectations, they are well prepared to focus longer or shorter as per the plan.

In addition to that, this also gives an opportunity to the prospect to suggest any additional topic in advance, which they would like you to cover during the demo.

3. Before starting the demo, establish trust/rapport:

Before you start the demo session, spend a few moments to warm up your prospects. You can ask about what's happening, try to make them feel comfortable with you. This helps to bring a sense of connection and helps to establish trust and rapport. This way they would be attentive and interested during the course of the demo.


4. Personalize the demo

Instead of trying to give a plain and generic demo about the product, try to personalize the demo based on their expectations and pain points. You would be already familiar with their pain points based on your previous discovery call or lead qualification call. If you are unaware, then you can also take some inputs from the customers on their pain points during the course of the demo and try to personalize the presentation.

5. Focus on Solution selling than Feature selling

Remember that prospects are more interested to know how your product will help you solve their pain points rather than knowing the nitty-gritty of each and every small feature of your product. Try to sell solutions instead of doing a feature list dump during the presentation.

6. Pause regularly and seek questions/feedback during the demo

A good demo is the one that helps to keep the prospect engaged. Prospects are well engaged if you involve them in a two-way conversation instead of doing a one-way presentation. During the course of your demo, you can pause at regular intervals and prompt them to ask any questions or give feedback during the demo. Making them talk keeps them interested throughout.

7. Note down any specific query to be addressed later

When you are selling a solution, you are bound to get certain queries that you may need to explore further to answer them better. Instead of blabbering any wrong facts to the prospect, you may make notes of the queries in your meeting notes or in a CRM like ToolsonCloud to come back on it later. 

I hope you will find these tips useful.

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