Save unfinished Emails as Draft in CRM

Hello everyone, we are back with a new update on ToolsonCloud CRM and in this update we have introduced the “Save as Draft” feature under the Email module.

Read on to learn more about this feature…


Currently ToolsonCloud CRM has an Email module where in users can add their business emails accounts and can send email to leads and contacts from their business emails, directly from the CRM. 

We felt that that in certain cases, Sales reps sometime work on a longer email. The longer emails take a while to be well drafted as sales reps are required to do some research before sending the final email to prospects. In this case they may be required to go back and forth on their local document manager and CRM which may become a bit time consuming.

In order to remove this friction, we wanted to introduce the option to save an email as draft, so that user can come back later, edit it and send the final version.

What’s New?

With this new update, users will be able to save any email as draft. 

While drafting the initial email, user can save the email by clicking on “Save Draft” button located just next to “Send Message” button.

User can locate the saved email by visiting the Drafts page. They can navigate to the Drafts page from the links located on the left sidebar in Email module.

This page shall list down the emails which are saved as draft. User can click on any of the draft to work on it again.

Once they are done with the updates, they can click on “Send Email” button to send the final version of the email.

I hope you will find this enhancement useful. Do let me know your thoughts… 

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