View Call Logs against a Lead

Hello everyone, we just went live with a new update on ToolsonCloud CRM. With this update users will be able to view Call logs associated with a lead at one single place without the need to search each and every call log.

Here’s a brief of this release…


Prior to the update, ToolsonCloud CRM had Call Logging module using which users can add and keep track of their call logs done. Users can associate each call log with a linked lead or contact or a deal.

There was a need for the users to get a quick glance of all the call logs associated with a particular lead. 

What’s New?

With this update, if users have associated a linked Lead while creating a Call Log, then they will be able to get a list of all call logs associated or linked to a particular Lead.

Users will be able to view all the call logs associated with a lead at a single place. To get these call logs, users can go to the respective lead’s detail page and can find all the call logs in the right side bar as shown in the below image:

This section will list down all the call logs tagged to that particular lead and will display the call notes and the date and time of the call.

If the user want more details about any particular Call Log, he can click on the call notes to view the detailed Call Log’s page.

I hope you will like using this feature, do let me know your thoughts on this…

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