ToolsonCloud CRM - New feature updates for Mar 2021

Dear Customers,

Ever since we launched ToolsOnCloud CRM, our team is committed to enhance the product features and functionalities in order to give you best possible customer experience. We are continuously working on a solid product development roadmap for 2021 and would like to introduce you some of the features released in March 2021 upgrade. 

Our team has thoughtfully planned the product roadmap in order to help solve your challenging Business Problems. Our CRM roadmap shall be focused on:

  1. Enhancing your CRM experience to drive smoother CRM adoption within your organization.
  2. Organize your sales processes in order to free up your Sales reps to do the real sales work.
  3. AI and Data driven insights to help your Sales leaders take right decisions at right time.
Here are the features being released as part of our March 2021 production release.

  • Lead Management System:
You tend to get multiple sales leads who are unqualified and you receive them in huge quantity day after day. You cannot add it to your usual deal tracker because deal tracker's primary purpose is to help your Sales Executives to focus on qualified leads or prospects who are interested in buying and are having the required budget to buy from you. Introducing Lead Management System module within Toolsoncloud CRM which shall help you add and track all your leads in a separate dashboard so that you can track them as they move through the lead qualification stages such as Cold Leads, Warm Leads, Hot Leads, Qualified, Disqualified or Un-subscribed leads. In this dashboard, you can add comments from your lead background study and conversation history notes so that the Sales Executive can take a look at all of them from a single dashboard. Once your sales development representatives qualify the leads, you may add them to Deal Tracker pipeline so that your sales executive can take it forward.

  • Activity and Task Management system 
For every lead or deal, sales reps and executives would be having multiple planned activities and tasks like having a meeting, having a follow up call, lunch with the prospect, a site visit, etc. You would tend to forget those if you keep maintaining them in your emails or in your mind. You should free up your mind to focus on your upcoming deal meeting instead of trying to memorize or recall a list of tasks you need to do. If you keep trying to use brain for noting down tasks, then you would end up being exhausted. Now you can use Toolsoncloud CRM's Activity & Task Management module to create your tasks. You can view all the upcoming and overdue tasks within a single dashboard without the need to juggle between mails, your diary, your instant messenger history, etc.  

These features shall be available for general use starting 1st March 2021.

Hope the feature releases shall help support your business challenges in a more effective way so that you can now focus more on sales than on sales documentations and operational tracking.

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Different User Roles and their permissions in ToolsonCloud Sales CRM

ToolsonCloud Sales CRM allows the Sales Organizations to use the CRM App with two roles. 

  1. Regular User
  2. Admin User

1. Regular User

As the name suggest, this role is allotted to the regular users in the Sales Organization like Sales Reps, Sales Executives. 

Permissions: This user has read and write permission for all Deals, People Contacts and Organization Contact listings inside your CRM workspace.

2. Admin User

As the name suggest, this role is given for Administrative privileges of the Company's CRM account in Toolsoncloud. Typically it is suited for team member playing the role of Sales Manager, or Administrator who can take additional responsibility of managing the company account on Finance & Operations related activities.

Permissions: In additional to all the permissions which a regular user has, for Deals, People Contacts, Organization Contacts; this role entitles the user with permissions to add or remove team members from the account, activating or deactivate the account of a user for short term to save billing cost, managing payments and billing for the renewal fees of the account, add or modify a sales Pipeline, add or modify the workflow stages of any sales Pipeline, etc.


Would you want to have more customization on the roles being offered? Let us know your use cases so that we can make #toolsoncloud work for you.

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How to Track a Deal to Closure in Sales CRM
Being a Sales Professional, when you are involved with multiple B2B sales deals, the only way you can taken them to closure is by regular and effective tracking. Most of the people start with tracking it within an excel workbook. But soon they realize they cannot make out anything of that data or are unable to find any relationship between multiple data sources and tables pilling up in so many excel based tracker files. 
Moreover the time taken to do data entry of all those deal history eats up more than 3-4 hrs of your productive work hours per day. What an ultimate way to dissipate your precious time! Isn't it?

In this post, Let us learn how to track a deal in ToolsOnCloud Sales CRM.

Steps to Add Deals in ToolsonCloud CRM:
  • Login to ToolsonCloud Sales CRM.
  • Click on "Deals" link in the navbar and navigate to Deals Management Page.
  • Deals Management page is the page which gives an overview of all the active deals which are open and needs some action in near future to help close that deal.
  • Click on "Add Deal", a dialog box shall open.
  • In "Add Deal" dialog box, Enter the basic mandatory information of a deal like 
    1. Deal name, 
    2. Organization or the Client Company associated with the deal, 
    3. Name of Client Point of Contact for this deal,
    4. The current stage of the deal like New, Contacted, Presentation, Negotiation to Won/Lost. You can also customize the stages in CRM Settings,
    5. Estimated Value of the Deal (a Rough estimate can also be given if unknown),  
    6. Expected date when you plan to close the deal.
  • Once you click on "add", a deal record shall be created. You can repeat the steps for all your other deals as and when you get them in your pipeline.

How does it helps me in Deal Tracking & Opportunity Management?

  • You can get a view of all the active deals in various stages and view it visually to know where to act at that moment.
  • Getting a Sales done is all about building an Opportunity pipeline and following up with the clients for closure by helping them clarify their doubts or solve their challenging problems or situations  at various stages and take it to Closure.
  • With you having a visual view of how your pipeline looks, you shall understand whether you need to put effort towards building your pipeline or need to spend some time on the the so many deals which are getting stuck in negotiation stage of the sales pipeline or if you need some more efforts on the multiple deals lying idle since you missed to follow up after the first contact you made.
  • Better visibility on the Deal Value shall give you the insights to take call on which opportunity should be taken on higher priority than the one with lesser Deal value based on the way you operate your business. It differs from the way businesses operate, Some prefer to try the hard but big deal value opportunity, while some prefer trying to grab the low hanging fruits with low deal value first, so that the risk remains low since you iteratively get the revenues confirmed in small small deals.
  • With the Estimated Deal close date, you get the visibility on which opportunity is taking more time that expected and where the deal should be expected to be at this point of time if the expected date of closure is within 1 week. Time is money, if you don't close the deal on time, some other vendor shall close the same deal and you shall lose it. Hence this shall keep your team informed on the expected timelines.

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