Create Custom Fields in CRM Deals Tracker

Dear Readers,

We just went live with a new update on ToolsonCloud CRM. 

We are pleased to announce the introduction of "Custom Fields feature in Deal Tracking module".

Here is a brief of what’s new in this release…


Currently, when using Deal tracking module, users get to use the fields related to a Sales Deal. These fields are generically designed and are provided as it is by default to all customers whenever they sign up.

But there were certain advanced users who wanted to customize the Deal Module by introducing some additional fields which suits their domain specific business needs.

For. e.g. 

  • A Coaching business would like to track an additional attribute such as Educational Qualification. 
  • A Logistics related business would like to track an additional attribute such as Pickup Location, Delivery Location, etc.

What's New?

With the new update, users can now create their own custom fields and customize the Deal module in CRM to align to their sales process.

Admin users can create custom fields by visiting the “Custom Fields” section located in “Settings” page.

Users just need to provide a custom field name to get started.

Once the field is created, all team users will be able to view this new attribute or field in the “Add Deal” and “Edit Deal” forms as shown below.


Once the user saves any values in the custom fields, these values will be displayed in the deal’s detail page on the right side card as shown below.

This feature shall help you to quickly customize your CRM and get started as per your business needs without the need for any additional technical intervention from IT Team.

I hope you will find this feature useful. Do let me know your thoughts. 

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