Get Sales Funnel view of Leads in CRM

Dear all, we just dispatched a new feature on ToolsonCloud CRM using which you can now get a Sales Funnel view of Leads in your beloved CRM.


In order to make consistent sales, Sales leaders are required to ensure that their leads pipeline is filled in appropriate ratios at every stage of the leads journey. Sales leaders are also cognizant of the fact that not every lead will necessarily get converted. Many leads may drop off or may not be qualified at all to be pursued further by the organization. 

Hence Sales leaders would want to track the sales funnel metrics on regular basis in order maintain a consistent flow of leads.

What’s New?

With this new update, you will be able to see a new dashboard metrics in your CRM dashboard titled “Active Leads Funnel”.

You can locate this dashboard element just next to the metrics for “Leads Added Daily”.

This metrics shall provide you with insights on the number of active leads which are currently in the pipeline at various stages.

Here is a quick peek into the Sales Funnel metrics displaying the number of Leads which are Cold, Warm or Hot.

We hope this metrics will help you gain better insights into your sales state and shall help you maintain a healthy sales pipeline for consistent sales conversion and growth.

We would love to hear back your thoughts on this…

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