View count of Pending Tasks by user in CRM

We just rolled out a new enhancement in your beloved ToolsonCloud CRM which gives you the capability to view the count of pending tasks against each user in your CRM account.

Here’s a sneak peek into this new update…


Sales Leaders always want to get a summarized view of the actionable of their team members. Task module is one of the important module in CRM which gives a view of the next set of actionable for each team member which might be against any lead, deal or a contact.

However, Sales leaders may find it difficult to assign tasks to their sales reps if they are not aware of the current workload of their team members. Hence it is essential to equip them with some insights to help them understand the number of pending tasks assigned to each team members.  

What’s New?

Starting today, your dashboard page will have a new dashboard element which will provide you with user wise count of the number of pending tasks in each user’s bucket.

This insight will be available under a card titled “Pending Tasks”. This element can be located just next to the existing dashboard element titled “Tasks Added Daily”.

This dashboard element shall be visible to all team members in the organization including both Admin users and team members.

Here’s how this will look like:

We hope this dashboard insight shall prove to be helpful for you to improve you sales process.

We look forward to hearing from you…

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