Instantly View Overdue Tasks in CRM

We just dispatched a new feature on ToolsonCloud CRM which allows you to instantly get a view of the tasks which are in overdue state and needs your immediate attention.

Here is a brief of this new feature…


Currently, if a user wants to track a task associated with any lead, deal or a contact, they can do so using the Task module in ToolsonCloud CRM.

However many tasks go un-actioned by their Sales owners even when the planned date of the task has already passed.  

It may happen that the user genuinely misses the deadline planned to achieve the task, or sometimes they might forget to mark the task as done in CRM, or sometimes the due date gets genuinely moved to a future date as per business priority but is not updated in CRM.

What’s New?

With the new enhancement, now if you create a task in ToolsonCloud CRM and later if that task passes its planned due date and still is marked as Open, then you will be able to see a red colored “Overdue” badge in the Task list page, just next to the Due date associated with the task.

The demonstration of this feature is shown below for quick reference of users:

This badge will ensure that the Sales persons are taking action on the tasks well on time and shall also help maintain the CRM data clean by updating the correct status of the tasks in case any task is already completed or the planned ETA is shifted to a future date. This will help keep the CRM data clean which will ultimately help the Sales Leaders get an accurate insights into the Sales pipeline of the business

I hope you will like using this feature. Do let me know your thoughts and feedback.

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