Prevent accidental deletion of leads or deals in CRM

We recently went live with a new update on ToolsonCloud Sales CRM. In this update, we made certain UI enhancements to prevent accidental deletion of leads or deals.

Here’s is a quick peek into this enhancement….


Until now, if any user wanted to delete a lead or deal, they can navigate to leads or deals listing page and they can click on delete button from the option menu of the particular record’s row, in order to delete them instantly.

Though this was quick and easy to do so, sometimes it may happen that the user could have accidentally deleted Leads or Deals. 

There was a need for the user to review the action before performing any delete action on any record.

What’s New?

Post this update, if a user tries to delete any Lead or Deal, the user will be displayed an addition popup dialog box prompting them to confirm if they want to delete the record.

The dialog box shall appear as shown in the below image.

In addition to this, if any of the Lead or Deal cannot be deleted due to any linked Meetings or Tasks, system shall display appropriate error messages to the user mentioning the reason why the selected action cannot be performed.

I hope this small improvement shall help improve your user experience. Do let me know your thoughts.

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