How to generate B2B Leads organically?

If you are into a business involving B2B clients, then you have landed at the right post. In this article, we will explore how you can generate B2B leads for your business via organic approaches.

Here is what you can do to get organic B2B leads…



1. Linkedin Outreach

Join Linkedin groups in your similar domain or groups having people with similar profiles as your ideal customer profile. Next, send them a connection request to add to your network. After a few days of the connection, you may send them a cold message for a short discovery call. You may be required to warm up your connection a bit for a few days with your LinkedIn posts to avoid getting ignored when you send a cold message.

2. Business Marketplace/Forums

If you sell a known B2B product that is not too complex to understand and doesn’t require an elevator pitch, then you may try this. Look out for joining various online marketplaces and forums dealing with B2B businesses. You will find B2B buyers and sellers in these marketplaces who are genuinely looking for both buy and sell business opportunities.

3. Join professional networking platforms

If you are a startup or building any B2B products for startups, then you may join professional networking platforms such as or other startup networking platforms. Try to network with various startup founders and executives to create a connection and get business opportunities.

4. In-person Business conferences

You may look out for various offline/In-person business conferences being organized in your Industry domain by various media houses, industry bodies, trade unions, government, etc. These conferences are attended by the leaders and executives of various companies with the sole motive of networking with fellow business leaders for business opportunities.

5. Cold Outreach like Cold Emails, Cold Calling

You may reach out to various businesses via Cold emails and Cold calls. If you are dealing with small and medium businesses, then you may get their contacts from various online business directories as well as their websites. If you are dealing with a large organization, then you may have to work a bit more to get the contact details of their stakeholders. 

6. Inbound Marketing/Content Marketing

Create the content on the topics around your business. This will attract readers who might be interested in your business. You may create content on Blogs, Social Media, Youtube, write Industry research papers, Whitepapers, Case studies, ebooks, etc. Ensure to write content that is useful to the readers having your ideal customer persona. 

Also, an important element of content marketing is to build distribution. If you do not plan out distribution well, then you may create high-quality content, but there won’t be anybody to read those contents immediately. This creates a longer feedback loop. So, whenever you create content, try to distribute it at more and more channels in order to reach more readers instantly.

7. Short Video Marketing 

In recent years, usage of short video apps such as Tiktok, Reels, Youtube shorts has skyrocketed making them yet another largest marketing channel. Short video platforms were initially apt for B2C products, however, in the recent past, it is becoming equally good for B2B business opportunities. You can make short video clips about your products to attract more B2B leads.

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8. Tender Marketplaces/Portals/Blogs

There are some marketplaces that regularly publish tenders of government as well as public companies. This brings you a good opportunity to directly go ahead and bid on existing business opportunities without going through the hassles of business development efforts. 

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Instagram Reels and Tiktok video ideas for your small business

Ever since the emergence of Covid pandemic, Short Video consumption in various platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube has significantly increased. Instagram Reels and Tiktok have grown to become the biggest channels for small businesses to get discovered online.

Instagram Reels and Tiktok with its AI based targeting ensures it reaches the intended audience who are really interested in those content. This way your videos have higher chances of getting viral since it is always shown to audiences having similar interest. This makes it a lot easier and faster for you to get discovered and promote your business.

In this post, let us explore some interesting ideas for you to get inspired and make Instagram Reels or Tiktok videos for your Small business:

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1. Product Showcase

Make short videos showcasing the different products you sell. If you sell products with limited variants, then you may try showcasing the same in different backgrounds, places, angles, etc. Try to make videos with human elements in it rather than posting plain business-like photographs which appear more like an obvious advertisement. The goal here is to make a connection with your audience.

2. Product Making process

If you are a manufacturer of the product, you can showcase your small factory or room where you make your products. This will attract a set of curious audiences who love watching how their favourite products are actually made. Sometimes you may get a feeling that if you show them how the products are made, they may start their own business that way. But this happens rarely, Your buyers are better off paying you the small amount for making and delivering the products than taking all the hassles of making it all their own. 

3. Product Packaging process

People love to watch how the ecommerce packages are packed before it reaches them. Creating packaging videos also gives you a chance to showcase how much care you take while packaging every single order for your valuable customers. 

4. Videos with Celebrations

Make short videos of special milestones in your small business. This can be events such as a big order dispatch, or an order dispatch to a far away location such as an international customer or a first customer from a new state or a city. You can also make special videos for your returning customers. This way you will also earn the trust of your audience who now know that you do have returning customers.

5. Marketing materials like your flyers, brochures, etc.

As a small business you might have prepared certain flyers and brochures for your offline customers or some promotional cards which you usually place in your packages to attract returning customers. You can make use of them to make short videos.

6. Customer Testimonials, Reviews, Feedbacks

Whenever you deliver an order, try to get some feedback and reviews from your customers. Whenever you get such feedback either in the form of Whatsapp messages, emails or video messages, you can repurpose it in the form of short videos.

7. Free tools you use to manage your business 

Sometimes your audience would be curious on how you manage your small business. You can share some of the tools you use to do the same. Though these may not help you gain any direct business outcome, it helps build your credibility among your audience. 

8. Store visuals, Tours

You can make videos showcasing your store or warehouse tours. Those might be small and you might feel a bit uncomfortable showcasing a stingy store. Still a lot of the audience would find it amazing to know you more and would also love to find how bold and open you are when you do a store tour. 

A word of caution, while making tour videos, ensure to not share any privacy sensitive visuals in order to keep an appropriate boundary of personal life as well as business life. 

9. Videos of a new product or stock arrival in your store

You can create videos whenever you get a new product or inventory in your store. This way someone who might be interested in purchasing those may contact you in the future. 

10. Share useful tips for your audience

Over time you will build an audience with specific interests. Try to discover their interest and create short videos with useful tips for your audience.

11. Videos of your team

When your small business starts to grow from one person business to a small team. You may also create videos of how your team helps you pull the business together. You can post some funny moments with your team. Remember your business account is not just for promoting your content. It is also about sharing your story to the world. This way you build a connection.

12. Share your story

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner, you will have your own set of unique challenges. Share your story, your day to day experiences, your learnings, what inspired you to start this business, the goals and plans you have for your business. This helps you build an emotional connect with your audience and they start to care about your purpose.

13. BTS videos while making Reels

While trying to make your videos, you might come across some funny moments. You can always create Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos.

14. Frequently asked questions from your customers/audiences

Last but not the least, Once you build an audience, you will soon start receiving similar questions from your audience on your products, business or any random topic which you covered in your earlier videos. You can create a list of frequently asked questions and make short and useful videos for your audience who might be having similar questions yet are afraid to DM you.

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