Receive CRM subscription expiry notification

Dear all, we just pushed an update on ToolsonCloud CRM recently with one of the update being an email notification upon subscription expiry.

Here is a brief of this update


As the subscription expiry is an important event for the customers, there was a need to provide an email notification to the CRM users once their subscription expires. 

What’s New?

With this new update, now if your subscription is expired, you will get notified automatically via an email.

This shall help the CRM Administrators take appropriate action to renew their subscription on time, in order to retain access to the advanced features available in the Premium plan.

Additionally, if you ever need grace time period to renew your subscription due to your organization’s financial operational procedures, you may feel free to hit us a reply on the same email thread. We shall help you by extending the subscription for a free grace period so that your team continues to use the advanced features without any service interruption.

Please note that you should be an Active user with Administrator role in your organization’s CRM account to receive this notification. You may visit the ‘Users & Roles’ page under your CRM settings to alter the roles or account status of your users.

We hope that this enhancement shall help improve your experience using ToolsonCloud CRM.

Do let us know your thoughts on this…

Save unfinished Emails as Draft in CRM

Hello everyone, we are back with a new update on ToolsonCloud CRM and in this update we have introduced the “Save as Draft” feature under the Email module.

Read on to learn more about this feature…


Currently ToolsonCloud CRM has an Email module where in users can add their business emails accounts and can send email to leads and contacts from their business emails, directly from the CRM. 

We felt that that in certain cases, Sales reps sometime work on a longer email. The longer emails take a while to be well drafted as sales reps are required to do some research before sending the final email to prospects. In this case they may be required to go back and forth on their local document manager and CRM which may become a bit time consuming.

In order to remove this friction, we wanted to introduce the option to save an email as draft, so that user can come back later, edit it and send the final version.

What’s New?

With this new update, users will be able to save any email as draft. 

While drafting the initial email, user can save the email by clicking on “Save Draft” button located just next to “Send Message” button.

User can locate the saved email by visiting the Drafts page. They can navigate to the Drafts page from the links located on the left sidebar in Email module.

This page shall list down the emails which are saved as draft. User can click on any of the draft to work on it again.

Once they are done with the updates, they can click on “Send Email” button to send the final version of the email.

I hope you will find this enhancement useful. Do let me know your thoughts… 

View enhanced Quotation details in CRM

Hello all, we just dispatched a new update on ToolsonCloud CRM with an enhanced view of the existing Quotation details page.

Here is a glimpse of what’s new in this update…


The data points which were present in the older version of Quotation view page was limited to the line items of a Quotation such as shipping addresses, product list, associated contacts which the users can instantly edit and save. 

However we felt that the users would also be interested in getting to know more.

What’s New?

In this update, we have made notable enhancements in the detailed view page of a Quotation.

The new Quotes view page will appear something like this:

Now, users can get a preview of their quotation, on how it will actually look when they generate a PDF output for this quote. This preview pane will display the address information, products & services list and the associated total amounts.

On the left side bar, users will be able to check out the metadata associated with this quotation. This includes the Sales owner of the quotation, the associated deal, contacts and organization. Additionally users will also be able to view the creation and last modified date of the quote. 

If users want to update any of the information, they can do so by clicking on the Edit icon on the top right corner of the sidebar card.

If the users wish to download the quotation in PDF format, they can do so by clicking on the “Download” button on the top right corner of Quotation preview card.

We hope that these visual enhancements shall help improve your experience of using ToolsonCloud CRM. Do let us know your thoughts on this.

Instantly View Overdue Tasks in CRM

We just dispatched a new feature on ToolsonCloud CRM which allows you to instantly get a view of the tasks which are in overdue state and needs your immediate attention.

Here is a brief of this new feature…


Currently, if a user wants to track a task associated with any lead, deal or a contact, they can do so using the Task module in ToolsonCloud CRM.

However many tasks go un-actioned by their Sales owners even when the planned date of the task has already passed.  

It may happen that the user genuinely misses the deadline planned to achieve the task, or sometimes they might forget to mark the task as done in CRM, or sometimes the due date gets genuinely moved to a future date as per business priority but is not updated in CRM.

What’s New?

With the new enhancement, now if you create a task in ToolsonCloud CRM and later if that task passes its planned due date and still is marked as Open, then you will be able to see a red colored “Overdue” badge in the Task list page, just next to the Due date associated with the task.

The demonstration of this feature is shown below for quick reference of users:

This badge will ensure that the Sales persons are taking action on the tasks well on time and shall also help maintain the CRM data clean by updating the correct status of the tasks in case any task is already completed or the planned ETA is shifted to a future date. This will help keep the CRM data clean which will ultimately help the Sales Leaders get an accurate insights into the Sales pipeline of the business

I hope you will like using this feature. Do let me know your thoughts and feedback.

Prevent accidental deletion of leads or deals in CRM

We recently went live with a new update on ToolsonCloud Sales CRM. In this update, we made certain UI enhancements to prevent accidental deletion of leads or deals.

Here’s is a quick peek into this enhancement….


Until now, if any user wanted to delete a lead or deal, they can navigate to leads or deals listing page and they can click on delete button from the option menu of the particular record’s row, in order to delete them instantly.

Though this was quick and easy to do so, sometimes it may happen that the user could have accidentally deleted Leads or Deals. 

There was a need for the user to review the action before performing any delete action on any record.

What’s New?

Post this update, if a user tries to delete any Lead or Deal, the user will be displayed an addition popup dialog box prompting them to confirm if they want to delete the record.

The dialog box shall appear as shown in the below image.

In addition to this, if any of the Lead or Deal cannot be deleted due to any linked Meetings or Tasks, system shall display appropriate error messages to the user mentioning the reason why the selected action cannot be performed.

I hope this small improvement shall help improve your user experience. Do let me know your thoughts.

Manage Meetings in CRM without sending Invitation emails

We just went live with a new feature on ToolsonCloud CRM, which lets you choose if you wish to enable or disable the meeting invitation emails being sent to your invitees.

Here is a brief of this new update…


Until now, whenever any user creates any Meeting in Toolsoncloud CRM, the attendees of the meetings are sent a Meeting invite over an email. The recipients can add the invites in to their Calendar (such as Google or Outlook).

However, certain users prefer to add meeting invites only for Internal tracking. They do not want to send Meeting Invitation mailers to the invitees. Until now, there was no such option available to control sending the Invitation emails.

What’s New?

With this new update, now users can control whether they want to send a meeting invitation email to the invitees while creating a Meeting invitation.

While creating a Meeting, users will get a dropdown option titled “Send Meeting Invite” as shown in the below image. 

If the user wants to send a meeting invite email to attendees, he can select “Yes”, otherwise he can select “No”.

This option will also be available in case you are updating an existing Meeting Invite. Here, you are free to control if you want to disable or enable email updates while updating an existing meeting details in CRM.

In case the user is canceling a Meeting in CRM. Email notification will be sent to the invitees only if the previous Meeting invitation was sent to them. This shall help the invitees to get an update regarding the cancellation of the event, so that they can remove the invite from their calendar.

I hope you will find this new feature useful. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments or via email.

If you are yet to try ToolsonCloud CRM for your business, go check it out and do try it for free!

View count of Pending Tasks by user in CRM

We just rolled out a new enhancement in your beloved ToolsonCloud CRM which gives you the capability to view the count of pending tasks against each user in your CRM account.

Here’s a sneak peek into this new update…


Sales Leaders always want to get a summarized view of the actionable of their team members. Task module is one of the important module in CRM which gives a view of the next set of actionable for each team member which might be against any lead, deal or a contact.

However, Sales leaders may find it difficult to assign tasks to their sales reps if they are not aware of the current workload of their team members. Hence it is essential to equip them with some insights to help them understand the number of pending tasks assigned to each team members.  

What’s New?

Starting today, your dashboard page will have a new dashboard element which will provide you with user wise count of the number of pending tasks in each user’s bucket.

This insight will be available under a card titled “Pending Tasks”. This element can be located just next to the existing dashboard element titled “Tasks Added Daily”.

This dashboard element shall be visible to all team members in the organization including both Admin users and team members.

Here’s how this will look like:

We hope this dashboard insight shall prove to be helpful for you to improve you sales process.

We look forward to hearing from you…

Get Sales Funnel view of Leads in CRM

Dear all, we just dispatched a new feature on ToolsonCloud CRM using which you can now get a Sales Funnel view of Leads in your beloved CRM.


In order to make consistent sales, Sales leaders are required to ensure that their leads pipeline is filled in appropriate ratios at every stage of the leads journey. Sales leaders are also cognizant of the fact that not every lead will necessarily get converted. Many leads may drop off or may not be qualified at all to be pursued further by the organization. 

Hence Sales leaders would want to track the sales funnel metrics on regular basis in order maintain a consistent flow of leads.

What’s New?

With this new update, you will be able to see a new dashboard metrics in your CRM dashboard titled “Active Leads Funnel”.

You can locate this dashboard element just next to the metrics for “Leads Added Daily”.

This metrics shall provide you with insights on the number of active leads which are currently in the pipeline at various stages.

Here is a quick peek into the Sales Funnel metrics displaying the number of Leads which are Cold, Warm or Hot.

We hope this metrics will help you gain better insights into your sales state and shall help you maintain a healthy sales pipeline for consistent sales conversion and growth.

We would love to hear back your thoughts on this…

Free CRM Trial for 14 days with Full Premium Features

Dear all,

We just went live with a new update for Toolsoncloud CRM along with some enhancements to the platform.

With this update, we have a good news to share with the users who are looking out to try ToolsonCloud CRM's Premium features for a few days before buying the subscription.


Before this update, we had 2 pricing plans:

- Free Forever Plan

- Premium Plan. 

The Free forever plan is limited to single user with a good set of usable features. Additionally we have Premium Plan which supports more than 1 users and comes loaded with advanced features such as Custom pipelines, Custom fields, Email Integration and many more.

Earlier new users were required to subscribe to Premium plan if they wanted to use Premium features, however we wanted to provide an option for the users to first try out the Premium features for free so that they can take a call whether ToolsonCloud is the right fit or not for their team.

What’s New?

From now on, if you are new to Toolsoncloud and sign up now, you will get a default access to Premium Subscription for Free for 14 days.

This shall help you try out all Pro features and get adapted to it before making the final purchase decision.

What happens once my Free trial is over?

Don’t worry! Even if your free trial is over, your data remains safe with us. 

You will be automatically moved to our Free Forever plan.

We understand that buying a CRM needs careful discussions with team members and your sales leaders. Should you feel the need to try the Pro features for a few more days, feel free to shoot out an email to our support team to extend the free trial.

That’s not yet over. If you are an existing free user who wanted to try out our Premium Features but could not try it out, then just shoot us an email to our support team to allocate a fully free 14 days free trial on your account.

We hope this would be helpful in your CRM purchase journey. Do let us know what your take on this is.

Add Call Logs in CRM to keep track of Sales calls

Hello All,

We just introduced a new Call Logging feature for all the users in the latest update of ToolsonCloud CRM.

Here is the glimpse of what’s new in this update…

Need for this feature:

Often Salespersons interact with their leads over a series of phone calls. However if that particular lead is being handed over to another salesperson, then the new team member may not have the complete logs of the conversation they had with the leads or customers. Additionally if the lead volumes are high, it is highly likely that the initial sales person also might forget the details of the call over a period of time.

Moreover, maintaining the call logs shall help the Customers to be able to derive more meaningful insights for their sales teams such as Good time to call leads, Number of calls it takes to convert a lead, Number of calls it take to close a deal, Approximate time duration the Sales reps spend on each conversation, Average number of touch points required with the prospects to nurture and convert them, etc. 

Hence, there was a need from the users to be able to log their call so that they can refer them later for closing the deal and to unravel new insights from this data.

What’s New?

In this update, we have introduced a new Call logging feature for users to support the above mentioned use cases.

You can visit the Call Logs page by clicking on “Conversations” and then “Call Logs” option in the top navigation bar.

In this page, users will be able to view the existing calls logged by their team members in chronological order of calls.

In order to log a new call, you can click on the “Log a Call” button on the top right corner. you will receive a dialog box prompt to enter the Call log details such as Related Lead, Related Deal, Related Contacts, Call timings, Call Type and Call Notes as shown below.

You can add the required call details and click on “Log” button to add this call log into the CRM.

You can view the details of the call log by clicking on the records row and view the details as shown below.

You can also navigate to the related Lead, Deal or Contact from this page by clicking on the respective names displayed in this page.

You can also modify this call log by clicking on edit icon towards the left corner of the card. This will prompt you to enter the updated call details. 

You can modify the call details to resubmit the new values which will be updated in the CRM.

I hope you will like using this feature to gain more insights to improve your Sales process and productivity. 

If you have any feature suggestion to improve ToolonCloud CRM, feel free to contact us.